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Workshop "Olympics, Agenda 2020 and Governance"

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the IOC’s Agenda 2020 initiative in terms of its governance implications. The workshop is organised in three parts: First, we would like to briefly introduce the Executive Master in European Sport Governance (MESGO), which is an executive master program designed for high-level executives within the sport industry. It is coordinated by five European universities and supported by six European team sport federations. Prof. Dr. Holger Preuss and Pedro Velazquez will provide short insights into this programme. Second, we want to have a close look on Agenda 2020 and how it affects the governance of the IOC, NOCs and Olympic Games. Third, we will form discussion groups to look into two topics in more detail..


10:55-11:00Holger Preuss (GER)
Founding member and university partner of MESGO
Introduction to MESGO
11:00-11:05Pedro Velazquez (ESP)
Vice President Alumni MESGO
Networks and MESGO experiences
11:05-11:10Folker Hellmund (GER)
ECO EU Office Sport
Good Governance Self Evaluation Tool
11:10-11:15Anja Scheu (GER)Governance aspects in Agenda 2020
11:15-11:35Discussion in 2 groups:
1. Discuss how to possibly measure / evaluate “Good Governance"
2. Discuss whether the IOC shall establish a “World Good Governance Agency”
11:35-11:40Discussion Group Results
protocol Anja Scheu


Workshop "Sustainability and Legacy"

Those members of the IOC Commission on Sustainability and Legacy will meet with selected scholars from around the world to discuss and shape the newly developed legacy framework. This workshop is for invited persons only.


14:05-14:20Holger Preuss (GER)
& Marie Sallois Dembreville (FRA)
Introduction to a potential legacy framework
14:20-15:35Discussion: Framework and Potential Measurements of Legacy


Workshop "Agenda 2020 and Olympic Academies"

This workshop is dedicated to the International and National Olympic Academies. The German Olympic Academy invites all members of National Olympic Academies and former participants of the IOA and IOAPA (International Olympic Academy Participants Association) to discuss Agenda 2020 and its implications for the work at the academies. We will also explore opportunities for a better networking and exchange of best practice and how to further develop and promote the Olympic Movement worldwide. After an introduction by Gerald Fritz, Prof. Dr. Holger Preuss as board member of the German Olympic Academy and Prof. Dr. Lamartine DaCosta as Vice-President of the Brazilian Olympic Academy will share their knowledge and expertise here. Afterwards, discussion groups are built to look into different topics in more detail.



16:20-16:25Gerald Fritz (GER)Education aspects in Agenda 2020
16:25-16:35Holger Preuss (GER), Lamartine DaCosta (BRA), Jörg Königstorfer (GER), Norbert Schütte (GER)Olympic Ideals Nowadays
16:35-17:30Discussion groups:

  1. Olympic Ideals Nowadays
    "How a NOA can spread Olympic Ideals"
  2. Referendums against staging Olympic Games
    "What a NOA can do to better spread values and promote the Olympic Idea"
  3. Olympic Education – Collection of Best practice about
    "Low budget but highly efficient activities"
  4. Olympic Education
    "What Rio 2016 can contribute for the upcoming 2017-2020 in education programs"
  5. IOA
    "How it can be better support the work of NOAs"
17:30-17:50Discussion Group Results
protocol Gerald Fritz

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